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The Death of Shain Gandee and the Party Culture

Most people have already heard that Shain Gandee, star of the MTV show “BuckWild”, was found dead today. Details of the death have not been released yet, but it is known that Gandee was last seen leaving a bar at 3 a.m. with two of his relatives. I personally was a fan of his, and will miss him from the show.

This brings people to an important conversation about the drinking culture. It’s no secret that partying was heavily promoted on “BuckWild”, and it is likely alcohol played a role in this tragedy. Here locally it is also a fact that people from Wisconsin can drink people from any other state under the table. This is not debatable. This is a fact.

I would like to think that people from Wisconsin also take great responsibility with their drinking. As a campus community I think the University of Wisconsin does a great job helping out their fellow students. There are also many resources available for people that are struggling with addiction.

As University of Wisconsin students we are held to a different standard than most students. We are expected to be excellent. We are on the cutting edge and the front lines of the evolving college life. Drink like a champion, and practice safety like a champion.


The Creator

Success at a Price!

By now the success of Madison Confessions is well documented. It is the largest University Confessions page in all of America. The website has daily visitors from 50 states and 65 countries. Why is this possible? It is possible because of all the great input and interaction the fans have. Without you guys none of this would have worked.

However, this success hasn’t come without a price. Those who oppose us use this page as an example of what is wrong with this University. I 100% disagree. This page shows all sides of the Wisconsin student body. From conservatives to liberals, from comedy to drama, from heartfelt stories to stories about sex, it is all represented.

Some people are envious of what we enjoy here. Those around the world are envious of our freedom, and those from out state do not understand our way of life. If North Korea had their way we’d all be Communist slaves. Madison Confessions and the United States government will not allow this to happen.

There has been hate against this page from outsider groups and some jealous rival campus groups. These verbal attacks against the integrity of the Madison campus are limited and powerless. As The Creator I understand the risks, rewards, and responsibility I have to promote a true image of this campus. Judging by the amount of positive feedback I feel like I’ve done a great job, but I am always open to suggestions.

So to the fans thank you! To those who wish to destroy Madison Confessions and everything we represent, know that you will never be successful. The spirit, strength, and winning attitude of Madison Confessions is far greater than any negativity you project towards us.

Kind Regards,

The Creator

March Madness

Destroyed. That one word can describe most people’s March Madness brackets at this point in the tournament. Of the participants in the Madison Confessions pool on very few people still have their national champion pick still alive.

I had Indiana winning the National Championship, and had to drink my sorrows away after their loss. At this point my brackets aren’t worth anything more than scratch paper. That’s what really gets me with March Madness. It starts out so fun, but slowly your heart just gets ripped out of your chest as more and more teams lose.

How are your brackets looking at this point? Are you a college basketball genius going strong or did you just get released from detox after one your teams lost?


The Creator

Spring Break Update!

Hello everybody. I hope your spring breaks are winding down in an enjoyable manner.

A few things to cover.

1) The pictures and confessions everybody has been sending in from spring break have been great. Keep them coming!

2) North Korea has not admitted to the attempted attack on Madison Confession headquarters, but The Creator is being relocated to a secure location. If war is inevitable at least the United States and Madison Confessions will be ready to take down the evil empire of Kim Jong Un. So, Kim like I’ve said before, just pick up the phone and call me. We can work this out.

3) There have been allegations from rival confession pages, and individuals that Madison Confessions is attempting a smear campaign against certain groups. Anybody who reads this page knows that those claims are 100% false. Madison Confessions is the largest confessions page in the country because of the great students who interact with it. Other pages, groups, and individuals attempting to bring us down are doing it out of jealousy. I guess not everybody loves Badgers.

Kind Regards,

The Creator

Website Updates.

Hello All,

As I’m sure most of you have noticed by now the website has undergone some changes. Due to the amount of traffic the website received Madison Confessions needed to be moved to a much larger server.

By this time it is working for everybody, and with the new servers speed on the website will be increased greatly!

There are more changes coming in the future to add more interactive features with the website! Stay tuned for more details.


The Creator

North Korean Provocation

It appears that North Korea may have attempted to finally bring down Madison Confessions.

Late last night (around 2:30 a.m.) I was in my office complex which is located on some of my rural land. Our alarm system picked up a disturbance within forty-five yards of the building. Within moments my internet goes crazy saying that somebody is attempting to access the servers from a nearby location.

I step outside my house, and observe in all directions. I have a thick wooded area on the North, East, and South sides which means the intruder had to be on the West side which has road access. Help arrived soon enough, and the intruder was not captured. For those of you concerned for my safety do not be alarmed. Necessary precautions have been taken, and I am an expert with firearms so I am more than prepared if the North Koreans attack me while I am on my property.

After reviewing the information received from the servers no information revealed who attempted to hack it, but we do know there was an attempted hack. I can’t say with 100% certainty that North Korea is behind this attempted attack, but they are right at the top of the list of suspects.

Stay frosty,

The Creator

War Is Brewing

By this time I am sure everybody in the nation is aware of gay rights debate, and I’m also sure most UW students are aware that a group close to the University of Wisconsin made erroneous claims that Madison Confessions promotes bigotry and anti-gay views. I would mention this organization by name, but they aren’t worth the time and all they want is attention.

Let me be clear; Madison Confessions doesn’t take positions on these matters. We do not promote any bigoted or discriminating views. We support and accept all that wish to interact with Madison Confessions. We are a place for debate, discussion, and new ideas, and we do not push hatred in any shape or form.

This accusation from a rival organization is incorrect, misleading, and downright sad. Sometimes when organizations start to lose their influence and popularity they feel the need to say crazy things in order to bring back some of that lost attention. This attack against Madison Confessions shouldn’t be surprising, but it also shouldn’t be accepted as truth.

Madison Confessions does not take political positions. We are simply an organization successful because of the great community of Madison.


The Creator

The Radio Interview

Hello everybody,

Let me start off by saying thank you again to everybody that interacts with Madison Confessions. Without you it wouldn’t be a success.

I have done a lot of interviews recently. One was for a short documentary and the other was for Feel free to check out AssJammery, and the interview with The Creator is the latest podcast.

This was a wonderful interview where lots of tough and hot topics were touched on. It’s obvious that the school still is doing their best to discredit this page, and attempt to either take it down or attempt to punish those behind the page. Their attempts will not succeed.

Anyways, check out the interview to learn my viewpoint on the “sexual assault” allegations, and other hot topics in regards to the page.


The Creator

Badger Pride

It’s no secret that people are often jealous of what they can’t have. People criticize things they don’t understand, are secretly envious of, or things they just hate. Ever since Madison Confessions  was created there has been a lot of criticism about the site, and the University of Wisconsin in general. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.

I have done a lot of traveling in my life, and I have met people from all over the world. Years before  this site was created people I ran into still found ways to criticize the great University of Wisconsin-Madison. I know a decent number of people from the Deep South, specifically Alabama. They trash our way of life, they trash our weather, they trash schools, and they trash our football.

They feel we’re too accepting, and “weak” in a sense. After this site was launched criticism grew, and some in the state of Wisconsin joined the ranks of those that feel the need to criticize the University of Wisconsin. Jealously is a dangerous thing, and people need to stop criticizing this state and this great school. Badgers disagree sometimes, but the thing we can all agree on is that we are all part of a great school and state. Let the outsiders say what they want about us.

We’re Badgers, and we’re molded for success.


The Creator

Wild Party Times

I’m often asked what the worst thing I’ve ever experienced at a party was so here we go.

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. My roommates and I attended a party on Lathrop Street one night last year. I’m in the corner of the basement sitting on a couch near one of my roommates. I look over at a dude sitting a few feet away on a recliner getting a blowjob from a woman with rather long hair. She didn’t appear to be overly attractive from behind, but I’m not one to judge and I really didn’t care.

My roommate taps me on the shoulder and tells me he thinks that the dude is getting a blowjob from another dude. I laugh it off. I’m thinking who would have the balls to get a blowjob during a party, and who would get one from another guy in a packed basement?

I was wrong. The dude sucking the other dude’s dick stood up, turned around, and revealed he a bigger Adam’s Apple than most men I know.

And that is one of the wildest party incidents I’ve ever seen.


The Creator

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