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Confession# 2983

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 11:07pm

During March Madness, my boyfriend refused to have sex with me because he needed to ensure that his team won. I've never been more glad for a sports event to end.

Confession# 2981

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 10:53pm

Sometimes I eat plain cheese in large quantities and feel weird about it. Then I remember I'm from Wisconsin.

Confession# 2980

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 10:40pm

I once got a blowjob in a cage in Memorial Library. It was the best night of studying to date. On Wisconsin.

Confession# 2978

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 3:02pm

I was eating food in my car once while driving down the highway. It was really good, but super filling, so I just tossed the rest out of my window, and hit a guy who was riding a motorcycle in the face with it. He was pretty pissed.

Confession# 2976

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 2:18pm

I was so high in accounting today, I woulda made no sense if I answered a question.

Confession# 2975

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 1:58pm

Sometimes, my boyfriend and I catapult Cap'n Crunch from his penis to my mouth. We've gotten so good that I'm thinking we should start competing at the Olympic level.

Confession# 2974

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 1:19pm Confession# 9342

You know you're from Wisconsin if you use the parts from your grill to hold a tarp over your broken truck window.

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