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Confession# 55

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 11:06pm

Lots of sexual confessions. Don't be afraid to broaden the subjects more. Anything you think will make us laugh or anything you want to get off of your chest.

Confession# 54

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 11:38pm

I came to college a hopeless virgin. I now have so much sex I almost consider I may be having too much. And then I remember...that's not even possible.

Confession# 53

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 11:19pm

I've had sex too many times to figure out who the father of my child is.

Confession# 52

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 11:35pm

I'm afraid to get another boyfriend because I don't think the next will be able to sexually please me as much as my ex.

Confession# 51

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 11:19pm

After reading all these confessions, I don't think I have enough sex.

Confession# 50

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 10:51pm

Last weekend I got so drunk I humped a bag of chips

Confession# 49

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 10:43pm

I rarely wear a bra to class, even if I have normal outfit on. No bra is obviously just more comfortable. #ifyouonlyknew #UWConfessions

Confession# 48

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 10:11pm

I've been telling the guy I fool around with I won't have sex with him because I want to wait to be in a relationship but really, I won't date him because his dick disappoints me too much.

Confession# 47

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 10:52pm

The awkward moment when you recognize someone in gordon's and realize you drunkenly hooked up with them... and that your beer goggles are terrible.

Confession# 46

Submitted 02/11/13 @ 10:35pm

After I got shitfaced friday night and my roommate left me passed out in my puke, I decided to take it easy and come back early saturday. When I woke up sunday morning, my roommate was in the shower and in his bed was a girl he hooked up with the night before...with big ass tits!! So I jumped on that and she got the ride of her life! As if that wasn't enough, we scooped some of the cum into the milk jug. Revenge is a bitch....Just another night in Sellery 6B.

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