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6892 2475 Bringing Wisconsin pride to PCB! On Wisconsin!
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6884 2474 Bus 3 to PCB is wilder than all hell! 0 0 1 none edit     X
6883 2472 I feel special just because I'm from Wisconsin. We're just flat out better than everybody else. 30 0 0 edit     X
6882 2473 Whenever I see somebody throw up the "W" with their hands I instantly feel connected to them. It's the Wisconsin call sign for everybody! 0 0 0 none edit     X
6881 2471 Heard a group of Madison student in PCB talking randomly about Madison Confessions with students from the University of Florida. The students from UF said the site is popular there too. 0 0 0 none edit     X
6879 2469 I just shot some clay pigeons, and didn't miss once. I'm ready for any Russian, Chinese, or North Korean paratroopers. They come to American and they're not leaving alive! 0 0 0 none edit     X
6878 2470 I hate when people talk about how my tattoos will look when I get old. These tattoos mean something special to me, and I have a story for every one of them. Don't worry about what I'll look like when I'm old. Worry about what you'll look like. 0 0 0 none edit     X
6875 2468 Not all girls look good in yoga pants. The ones that do, however, I can't stop staring! 0 0 0 none edit     X
6872 2467 Wish I could find a decent guy on campus that can defend pop punk or at least appreciate a little tssf and blink-182 0 0 0 none edit     X
6867 2466 I absolutely love to cuddle. So much that on nights my girlfriend doesn't stay over, I end up cuddling with my pillows all night. 0 0 1 edit     X
6866 2465 I am using a bottle of alcohol as an ice pack for the injuries I sustained last night. No idea what happened 0 0 0 none edit     X
6864 2464 Last night I witnessed a group of women bitch about how there are no good guys left. As a woman I wanted to slap those bitches. There are plenty of good men up for grabs still its just the shallow ones only take interest in you because you have not one quality that is desirable. It's called being classy not trashy. Try it sometime. We're at one of the most amazing schools in the world if you can't find some true badger love, you're clearly a dumb hoe 0 0 0 none edit     X
6860 2461 My current boyfriend has made me realize how terrible my ex was in bed. Even though my current boyfriends penis is not as big, the sex is amazing. Boys, its true. Its not the size of your ship, its the motion in the ocean. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6859 2462 I just got asked out for a dinner by a man I met at a cafe near campus. We had some nice chat beforehand. I said okay but I became nervous and scared all the sudden after he left! Something like this has never happened to me. I hope he is not a bad guy trying to kidnap and kill me! 0 0 1 none edit     X
6855 2463 I do porn during my summer and winter breaks in order to pay for school. 0 0 8 edit     X
6853 2459 My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now abs he's totally the one. We've bought each other many birthday, Christmas, anniversary, valentines day and just about every other holiday gifts you can think of. This year for our anniversary I went cheap on him and he didn't say anything but you could tell he wondered what the hell. Hopefully next month for his birthday he loves the dirt bike he's wanted for forever. You may have had some lame presents recently but that's because saving for this has taken well over six months 0 0 1 none edit     X
6851 2460 Just got a pre-spring break STI check before a trip to Mexico! 0 0 1 none edit     X
6848 2456 Got dome in the bathroom on the bus ride to PCB. I'd say that's a solid start to spring break. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6847 2458 Won a major drinking contest my first night of PCB. The other participants were ready to pass out, but I just kept drinking all night. Wisconsin doesn't simply win. We dominate. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6846 2457 Got hammered on my first night in PCB, and apparently I sent a bunch of nude snapchats to a guy I've liked for awhile. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6845 2455 On the way to PCB I stuck my hairy ass out the window and mooned a car full of girls and sped away. Moments later the same car flew past us with One of the girls showing off her amazing ass and more. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6842 2454 I get baked and look up the little Caesars stargazing Commercial on YouTube every time I am. The talking moon never fails to making me laugh so hard I start to snort unattractively loud. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6833 2451 Drinking alone and I am not ashamed. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6828 2452 My boyfriend and I were studying in the med school in one of the private study rooms. We needed a study break so we had sex in the corner, out of view from the glass window. He came in me and we used the whiteboard towel to wipe it up. Kinkiest study break ever. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6827 2453 I had a hard time fighting tears today saying goodbye to my boyfriend before I left for spring break. We won't even be apart for 2 weeks but he's got me falling hard. There's nothing more powerful than badger love. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6818 2450 I graduated from UW Madison and moved away from the university....biggest mistake of my life and i regret graduation every day! On Wisconsin... 0 0 2 none edit     X
6816 2449 My girlfriend and I were studying at memorial library. During our"study break" we went and had sex in the study cages there. I didn't get much done since her legs were open longer than my books 0 0 2 none edit     X
6807 2448 I skip eating dinner when I am low on booze. Lets me get drunk off less alcohol... 0 0 3 none edit     X
6800 2447 My grandfather, great uncles, my uncles, and my own father fought a secret war with the Soviet Union to end the threat of communism and nuclear war in this country. My grandfather and the rest of them were in the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War and some were even in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, and while they never talk about it I can see how heavily it ways on them. I know my grandfather has killed people before. He has scars on his chest and arms to prove what he's done. My uncle has a gunshot scar on his stomach, and while the rest may not have physical scars they certainly have emotional and mental ones. I hope someday I can have an impact like they've had, but I also encourage everybody to think for a second about what goes on behind the scenes in order to keep us save here at home. War is an awful thing, and sometimes in order to guarantee that we never go to war some men have to do some horrible things in order to make sure we get to keep living the American dream. God bless America. 0 0 10 edit     X
6798 2445 I've always considered myself a potential jersey chaser, meaning I've never been single in college long enough to let it play out, but I thought I would be. However, Tinder and the KK have helped me to realize that an ugly face or an ugly personality is a turn off no matter how good you are on the field. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6797 2446 I dont care if its socially acceptable, Ive been drinking on my megabus to Minneapolis for all 4 hrs to forget this badgers loss. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6782 2444 On my way to Florida, I saw a UW student bumper sticker. As we drove past each other we threw up the "W" and carried on. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6781 2440 I don't wear underwear with my yoga pants. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6780 2441 Nothing upsets me more than when somebody doesn't flush the toilet. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6779 2443 Bet my boyfriend a deepthroat style blow job that the Badgers wouldn't beat SCSU in hockey today. Guess it's time for me to start sucking! 0 0 2 none edit     X
6769 2442 As a girl there is nothing hotter during sex than when a guy cums all over me. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6768 2439 My girlfriend gave me a handjob in the back of the car on the way to PCB. Her brother was driving and never knew. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6757 2436 We also won the Civil War so Mississippi can go fuck themselves. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6753 2437 Drink when we win, drink when we lose. All in all we are still badgers and we are still the greatest school in the country! 0 0 1 none edit     X
6721 2438 Thank you seniors for the memories on the basketball court. Best of luck in the future. Time to prepare for some Badger football. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6719 2435 Just woke up, and I'm starting to slam beers for the Badgers game. Can't wait to watch Marshall Henderson cry. On Wisconsin! 0 0 22 edit     X
6718 2431 Sitting in class and looking down I just realized how much I love my boobs and how great boobs really are. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6716 2432 Every month my parents give me around one hundred dollars to buy necessities so that I can save the income I earn from work. Instead of buying necessities, I buy some drugs and Supreme or Blvck Scvle with the money and then I'm broke at the start of the month. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6714 2433 I may have not so great grades but I'm pretty sure I am going to be more successful than most of my friends with 4.0s. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6701 2434 Found a bottle of Tequila, looks like I can pregame the Badger game, and my 2 classes prior to it. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6680 2430 I was bending over to pick up my pencil that fell and someone came by and smacked my ass. I snapped up right away to see who it was. I didn't recognize him but he apologized profusely and said he thought it was someone else. As he was walking away he turned around and pointed at me and yelled "For the record, GREAT ASS !" So, cute guy in the blue Under Armour sweatshirt, thanks for making my day better with that ass slap. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6679 2429 I've been dating this guy non-exclusively and when I went to bed with him one night I saw some stains that were not from me/us. So, in return, I starting hooking up with one of his good friends. The friend is better. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6671 2428 My boyfriend and I are on the rocks and I've been into someone else for a few weeks now. I want to tell him but I can't stand the thought of breaking his heart. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6670 2426 When the first girl I ever truly loved cheated on me 5 years ago I started smoking weed, and starting two years ago it has become a daily habit. In these last 5 years I have also had many close friends, guys and girls, but never have any of those friends been on a level such that we would trust each other with our deep emotions and feelings. Perhaps because every single one of my friends has eventually drifted away after at most three years because the only thing that attracts them to me is my weed and money... I have sex with girls on campus occasionally, but never do I see them as a girl that might possibly one day be my “wife”. I guess my confession is I don’t know what is wrong with me, and what I feel to be the first step to curing these problems, quitting pot, seems impossible as it is the only thing that truly makes me feel happy, and the thing all of my close friends do with me constantly. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6668 2427 My friend and I once were snooping in her dad and his girlfriend's room. We found a sparkly purple vibrator the size of an arm and strawberry lube. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6660 2425 My roommate and I have been friends for a long time, but after living with him this year I've realized that he is a huge, inconsiderate douchebag. Do you think you're sooo cool because you wear shorts when it's 20 degrees out? Do you really think you're going to get into med-school by playing that obnoxious computer game all day? You thought I wouldn't notice that you DRANK MY WINE without asking? I want so badly to tell you off, but of course I'm a pansy. Soooo...fuck you. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6653 2424 I don't know what it is with the White boys in Madison, but they get SERIOUS jungle fever when they're drunk. There's nothing wrong with it, it's welcomed... a girl likes a guy with guts. Try that stuff when you're sober, I guarantee you'll get farther. It's true... We do bite, but only if you like it. 0 0 13 edit     X
6652 2423 I am gay. No one knows. Today I told a random stranger for the first time that I am gay, and it felt really good to tell someone the truth about my sexuality for the first time. It might not seem like a big deal, but to me, it was a very big thing. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6650 2422 I am so happy to have ended up at UW-Madison. Sure, maybe some things that happen here are a little crazy (please see other confessions for more details), but we are a community. People are comfortable with themselves; strangers dance with each other, roommates walk around in their underwear, people aren't afraid of who they are...and I hope some day I'm able bare my physical and emotional scars of self-hatred and declare that it'll never happen again. Thanks Badgers. C: 0 0 2 none edit     X
6649 2421 My boyfriend still talks to his old fuck buddies and tries to hang out with them. He tries to hide it then makes it my fault when I ask questions. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6638 2418 I don't own anything from The North Face. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6620 2420 I used to to hang out with this girl I liked a lot, but she refused to get off her cell phone. Nothing was more annoying than her constantly texting her friends (or possibly other guys for all I know). 0 0 14 edit     X
6619 2419 My boyfriend and I play this game where we see how many times he can give me an orgasm (through oral/fingering) in a 10 minute period. So far the record is 3. 0 0 27 edit     X
6600 2417 My roommates and I are on the search for The Creator tonight. We think we have his address and we're going to offer him an orgy. We're all women. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6595 2413 I walked into my mom's room to ask her a question and she was masturbating with a vibrator. The most awkward moment with my mom. 0 0 0 none edit     X
6582 2414 I got into Madison with a 22 ACT. 0 0 0 none edit     X
6577 2412 Yesterday I was casually smoking a bong with some fellow UW Badgers when we began discussing our thoughts on ACT scores as well as the scores we all personally got. Needless to say, my score of 31 was the lowest of the 5 of us. Only in Madison! 0 0 1 none edit     X
6575 2415 I'm a four-year and I actually like hanging with the short course guys. Party hard boys! 0 0 0 none edit     X
6570 2416 March Madness ruins all other things I need to accomplish and I am LOVING it!! 0 0 3 none edit     X
6549 2411 I voted for Obama because I love free birth control! Obama is this girl's hero! 0 0 3 none edit     X
6533 2406 As a guy, I feel that a relationship is much more rewarding than just hooking up with random girls. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6531 2405 Don't look now, but the Badger hockey team is bending Minnesota State over right now. 0 0 3 edit     X
6524 2407 Cheated on my girlfriend today with my TA. 0 1 9 none edit     X
6521 2408 After having unprotected sex I am praying like crazy for my period to arrive. I'm a day late and still nothing. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6512 2410 I watch porn so much that I'm deathly afraid to take my computer to be fixed. I'm a girl. 0 1 21 none edit     X
6510 2409 Any guy who doesn't like when a girl wears yoga pants is a complete idiot and his sexuality should be called into question. 0 0 59 edit     X
6499 2401 I don't think obese girls should wear skinny jeans or leggings. No one wants to see that. Also, wearing skinny jeans doesn't make you skinny. 0 0 3 none edit     X
6496 2402 I wipe my ass from back to front. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6492 2403 Every time my boyfriend takes me out on a date, I match the price in a special savings account for when we get married and start a family. He doesn't know about it. 0 0 4 none edit     X
6481 2404 I'm a girl, and tend to vote democrat, but I secretly think that the conservative guys are way more attractive. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6476 2491 My ex has sent in a few "confessions" to you but I know you'll never post them, so maybe you'll post this. He's full of crap. He doesn't "pretend to be gay" around people so women don't get close to him. If he could control what's in his pants, he wouldn't have to pretend. He is right though, I have gone to a better place, because it's one that doesn't involve him. So long sucker.
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6473 2490 This guy who I have been seeing has been taking me out on dates multiple times per week, walking me to class everyday, always opens the door for me, drives me home when it's late, truly is a gentleman, and asks for nothing in return. Chivalry is not dead.
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6471 2394 I got kicked of the campus network for masturbating on omegle. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6468 2489 I met this abosulely amazing girl this weekend but I hate always texting her first! Girls you should texts guys first more often! We appreciate it more than you know. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6467 2396 I hate college and just wanna graduate. 0 0 1 none edit     X
6466 2488 Erotic fiction is the easiest genre to write in, and I write stories for my girlfriend all the time, but I refuse to sell out and try to publish any of them.
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6464 2398 It took a while, but I finally DESTROYED everything my ex ever gave to me during our relationship. Tossing a bag of shredded clothes and headless stuffed animals never felt so good. My only regret is also getting rid of the multiple sex toys. Time to do some online shopping. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6463 2487 To the guy carrying beer down University where it turns into Gorham. We did an awkward shuffle dance trying to walk around each other. Thanks for not being a dick about it! A+ -The girl who probably looked like she was on a mission. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6462 2486 This kid calls himself 'the honeybadger'. Even has a tattoo. He thinks he's so 'swag' and 'cool'. Sir, please, I'm a friggin lady, and my UW men need to have some class.
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6460 2485 My best friend is now my "friend with benefits". Its awesome...for now.
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6453 2484 Fuck College Relationships...I feel for anyone else that is head over heels for someone...but only requited as a an option.
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6451 2483 I love going head to my boyfriend.
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6450 2482 Guys in Under Armour turn me on
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6449 2481 You know you're from Wisconsin when you get mad motivation from a beer pong trick shot video! 0 0 31 edit     X
6447 2480 I like to poop at work because then, technically, I am getting paid to poop. It is a great feeling.
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6446 2479 How i feel about a lot of these "confessions"
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6442 2400 Minnesota isn't the "state of hockey". It's the state of pom and dance. Get it right you silly fucking Gophers. 0 0 33 edit     X
6438 2478 I hate it when I get dirty looks for talking in a public study area, such as the SAC. Bitch, if you wanted a quiet study area, go to the quiet study room at College Library.
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6437 2477 I legit wouldn't mind if someone shot me in the arm right now so I wouldn't have to take my Physics exam tomorrow.
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6436 2476 My nose is so dry from blowing my nose that I put on mint Chapstick on it. Does the trick.
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6429 2387 My roommate asked me who is the Jewish pope. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6423 2388 My goal for spring break is to hook up with the girl I've liked for over a year and a half now. Maybe with everybody else gone is paradise she will see my true colors here in Madison. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6420 2389 I have a 5-6 page paper due in 14 hours that I have not started yet so Red Bull and Adderall it is. I'm not necessarily proud of my habit of doing this so I wanna hear other stories of severe procrastination. 0 0 5 none edit     X
6417 2390 Olympus has fallen looks a like a good patriotic film. I'm proud to be an american. I'll be wearing red, white, and blue when I go see. 0 0 2 none edit     X
6416 2393 'Twas the night before The Madness and all through the land not a Badger fan was stirring, not even the band. The Big Ten banners were hung from the Kohl Center with care, in hopes that an NCAA Championship soon would be there. Sam Dekker was nestled all snug in his bed while visions of dunking over Marshall Henderson danced in his head. I heard Coach Bo exclaim as the bus drove out of sight "Bruesewitz's fro made it in Cosmo, now have a good night!" 0 0 5 none edit     X
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