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13355 3657 People think I'm a good girl, but I love really rough, dirty sex. I don't know how to admit this, so I avoid relationships. 0 0 1 none edit     X
13354 3658 I wish breasts weren't such a big deal. I'm jealous that guys get to go around topless without being considered sluts. 0 0 2 none edit     X
13353 3659 A close friend of mine just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Saw him at the bar the other night. Got my friend to have sex with him. Enjoy those herpes, bro! 0 0 1 none edit     X
13352 3660 It's extrememly unattractive when a girl cusses all the time. 0 0 2 none edit     X
13347 3653 Last night at a party, my girl friends from Madison and I challenged a bunch of our non-Badger guy friends to flip cup. After we won we told them it was "really cute how they tried." Their looks of defeat as they put their shirts back on were priceless. Lady Badgers represent! 1 0 1 none edit     X
13346 3654 I wish all girls had a "slutty bikini pics" photo album. That way guys wouldn't have to page through all of their stupid selfies and dumb ass duck faces to find the only ones we care about. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13338 3655 I'm currently tripping on some strange drug I've never heard of before tonight, and I'm still able to text my girlfriend back home coherently. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13337 3656 I have an emergency bottle of clean urine in my closet. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13331 3652 If I am at the bars and a girl takes my hat and puts it on. I instantly want to rail her super hard. 1 0 2 none edit     X
13320 3651 My GF is a porn star, she is going to be so pissed when she finds out! 1 0 1 none edit     X
13317 3650 I thought my life had ended as I knew it when the doctor told me that I had contracted HPV a couple of months ago thanks to a bf who didnt think to tell me he had it . This week I told someone for the first time; and when I did he gave me a big hug and told me there was no way he would be able walk away from someone so adorable just because they had one little problem. Whatever you believe in, know that there are great people in this world who will accept you, quirks and all! 1 0 2 none edit     X
13316 3649 I get jealous when my boyfriend likes other girls pictures. 1 0 2 none edit     X
13314 3644 I was seeing this person for quite awhile before summer break, I would love to actually ask them to date, but I don't want to ruin anything we already had. Also I don't know what summer will bring. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13311 3645 I have huge boobs and I hate them. 1 0 3 none edit     X
13309 3646 Moving to Madison and going to school here has caused me to hate politics. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13305 3647 My boyfriend's penis is barely as long as my phone. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13304 3648 When I was in school I wanted to surprise by boyfriend at the time by sitting on Lincolns lap, naked. I didn't think this out too well however as it was the middle of November and Lincoln was so cold I couldn't touch him, let alone get up there. The story did not end well 1 0 3 none edit     X
13299 3643 First weekend home I threw my first party, it quickly escalated and became a naked party. Madison would have been proud. 2 0 2 none edit     X
13295 3642 Now that I'm not at college. I need to find a different girl to have lesbian sex with me everyday. 1 0 4 none edit     X
13294 3639 I make my girlfriend more wet than Noah's Ark ever could. 1 0 1 none edit     X
13290 3640 I secretly want to have intense lesbian sex with another girl but I have no idea how to find someone else who wants experiment with me. 1 0 2 none edit     X
13284 3641 I cried like a baby when I heard the song "Clouds" by Zach Sobiech. Such an inspiring young man from a tragic situation. 2 0 2 none edit     X
13282 3638 Mr. Rogers is my role model. 1 0 4 none edit     X
13280 3636 My dad checks my bank account and bugs me when I buy things for my boyfriend. Is there anything so wrong with spending money on the man I love? 1 0 5 none edit     X
13279 3637 If I like someone I facebook stalk the shit out of them until I creep myself out. 3 0 2 none edit     X
13273 3630 I finally found my soul mate, but he is moving halfway across the world. I feel completely lost. 1 0 3 none edit     X
13270 3631 I watched Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney channel in high school because I knew Selena Gomez would turn out to be so hot! 1 0 2 none edit     X
13269 3632 I had a threesome with my friend on Graduation night. We haven't talked since. 1 0 5 none edit     X
13268 3633 I only have one requirement for women I date : you have to like dogs. No exceptions whatsoever. 1 0 4 none edit     X
13259 3634 I started liking the Red Wings when I found out they threw an octopus on the ice before each game. You can say I jumped on the calamari. 1 0 7 none edit     X
13258 3635 I thought I was having a really bad day yesterday until I turned on the TV and saw that 51 people were dead in Oklahoma. My problems no longer seemed that big. 1 0 7 none edit     X
13252 3626 I've been at UW for 5 years, graduated on the 18th, and I have never taken a picture with Bucky. 1 0 4 none edit     X
13250 3627 One of my biggest fears right now is that I won't be in a serious relationship anytime soon. I know this sounds rather pathetic but I finally feel ready for something serious and both guys I've had deep feelings for have either fallen for someone else or just not expressed interest in being more than friends. It's just really discouraging and I wish I didn't feel this way. 1 0 4 none edit     X
13248 3628 I slept with my girlfriend's mom. She was better than my girlfriend. 2 0 7 none edit     X
13247 3629 One day I had some shrooms laying around. I ground them up and put them in an empty adderall pill with the intention of giving it to a friend/eating it later. The next morning I woke up early for a Microbiology 101 midterm. As I'm waking up from little sleep, I grab my prescription Adderall bottle and reach in to grab one before my exam. OF COURSE I grab the one with the shrooms in them. As they kick in 45 minutes later, I realize that i did not take the Adderall. I was left with two choices - failing or giving it my best shot. I proceeded to take my Microbio exam on shrooms. I failed - got a 52.5%. I was pretty happy with that considering my state of mind. I'll never forget that moment. 3 0 6 none edit     X
13242 3625 At the beginning of this year, my roommate caught me smoking weed and was going to rat me out. I offered him some and we've been best friends ever since. 2 0 3 none edit     X
13239 3619 I went to class shitfaced to take my final. I failed. 2 0 1 none edit     X
13238 3622 I wear a strap-on dildo and fuck other girls, and my boyfriend doesn't care as long as he gets to watch. Being bi-sexual has perks. 1 0 4 none edit     X
13237 3620 I just recently moved to California, and UW-Madison Confessions makes me feel so much closer to home. Badgers rock! 1 0 3 none edit     X
13236 3621 I love my boyfriend, but some of the things he does upset me. I'm Russian, and whenever he cums on my face he shouts how he's freeing me from Communism and tyranny. 2 0 5 none edit     X
13235 3617 I'm in an interracial relationship with a white man, and he's not racist at all. However, during sex nothing turns me on more than when I force him to pretend I was a slave that he bought. I love it when he pretends to beat and abuse me because I'm his slave and property. Outside of the bedroom I don't stand for anything less than equality. 0 0 5 none edit     X
13234 3623 My best friends told me that if I dated a black guy they didn't want to hang out anymore. As they said, "Once you go black we don't want you back". 2 0 7 none edit     X
13233 3624 I had sex with four guys who told me they were The Creator. I actually met the real Creator last Thursday, and I want to kill those other guys. 2 0 5 none edit     X
13230 3618 I broke up with my high school sweetheart over a month ago, and I still think about him every day. Even though I'm seeing someone new, I'm not sure if I made the right decision. 2 0 4 none edit     X
13229 3616 Went to graduation with my girlfriends parents today. Cheered when I recognized my drug dealer going across the stage. They were confused. 4 0 5 none edit     X
13227 3615 I sobbed at the end of The Office. 3 0 3 none edit     X
13222 3614 Tonight I was at Ian's pizza wearing a short belly shirt and short booty shorts. My friends saw other girls taking photos of my. I know you were jealous that your boyfriends were more attracted to me that your ugly asses. 2 0 4 none edit     X
13221 3613 Huge thank you to whoever found me and let me sleep on their couch last night. Went a little too hard celebrating the end of finals and cannot remember last night. However, I woke up on a couch somewhere in Madison, and I definitely owe whoever helped me out for life. Thanks. P.S. If you by chance are reading this and have my keys, please give a shout out. 2 0 4 none edit     X
13218 3612 Why go to church for confession, when I can just go on Facebook. 2 0 3 none edit     X
13215 3611 Thanks to the random lady who found me a short, straight stick to take to graduation. My Gryffindor costume wouldn't have been complete without it. 1 0 4 none edit     X
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