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Confession# 1406

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:28am

I puked in the bathroom at a bar on Friday it got a little messy, the next night we went back to that same bar and I started to get sick again and the bouncer said if you get sick go outside some asshole puked all over the bathroom last night and I had to clean it up. Sober me would've confessed that I was that drunk asshole and appologize but I was way to hammered to be rational about it.

Confession# 1405

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:07am

I was hooking up with this guy at his place and I woke up early in the morning with the sudden urge to poop. I decided to sneak off and do my duty. It turned out to be the most explosive diarrhea I've ever experienced. So I used a lot of toilet paper. So, naturally, the toilet clogged. He lived with a bunch of guys so I just decided to let it be and let someone else deal with it. When we both woke up later in the morning he went to shower. He came back and apologized for how long it took and explained that it was because the toilet had flooded the bathroom floor because of one of his stupid roommates. I never even thought of correcting him or confessing because, after all, girls do not poop.

Confession# 1403

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:38am

My roommate and I bunked our beds so that we could play beer pong in our dorm.

Confession# 1768

Submitted 03/11/13 @ 11:57am

My girlfriend asked me to shave my facial hair, then i asked my friends if should. They said i shouldn't.

Confession# 1767

Submitted 03/11/13 @ 11:54am

I'm a TA and I'm currently sleeping with two of my students. Both of them aren't gonna pass this class.

Confession# 1770

Submitted 03/11/13 @ 1:23pm

My girlfriend and I do live webcam sex shows for money.

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